December 12 2019
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R&D Organization

Since ECIL operates in a diversified area spanning many sectors, the R&D activities are currently decentralized at ECIL. Each strategic business unit carries out its own R&D with the Corporate Research & Development (CR&D) division providing overall coordination as well as management of technology development and innovation. CR&D division also develops cutting-edge technologies. CR&D has a unit at Mumbai focusing on VLSI design for detectors. ECIL has about 145 engineers, with a blend of experienced and young, working in R&D area.

In addition to its own funding, ECIL also receives grants-in-aid support from the DAE, DIT for carrying out R&D in the areas of interest to the Department. Technology Development Council (TDC) is constituted by DAE, comprising of experts from DAE, BARC, IGCAR, NPCIL, DRDO, ISRO, C-DAC and ECIL. TDC functions as an apex body for approving, guiding and monitoring the R&D projects undertaken with its support.

Considering the wide range of technologies involved, the TDC is supported by three sub-committees to monitor and guide the projects in their respective areas.

The sub-committees are headed by eminent people in the respective areas. R&D Board (RDB) is the highest internal body that plans, guides and monitors all R&D projects in ECIL. It is constituted by C&MD with Director (Technical) as its Chairman and Executive Directors and General Managers of all verticals as its members. RDB drafts R&D policy and oversees its implementation. It also promotes R&D activities to align with the emerging technologies and products, in tune with the company’s mission.RDB meets once in every quarter and provides strategic as well as short term planning for successful completion of R&D projects. Senior Technology Experts from different groups are also invited for RDB meetings depending on the agenda. RDB is supported by various sub-committees and design review committees, which review the progress on monthly basis.