November 12 2019
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Human Resources


ECIL recognizes the importance of human resources in attainment of the corporate objectives and considers human resource as the most valuable asset of the Organization.

The HR policy of the Company is:

  • To attract and secure the services of brilliant, dynamic and result-oriented personnel.
  • To ensure optimum utilization of human resources.
  • To provide maximum scope for individual development within the Organization.


  • To align HR policies, practices with current and emerging business requirements and benchmark with the best-in-class globally.
  • To ensure that qualified persons with potential for development are recruited to meet the specific needs of the Company.
  • To focus attention on proper placement of the recruits.
  • To adopt and fulfil the socio-economic commitments by complying with the statutory obligations.
  • To facilitate a continuous learning and development orientation.
  • To nurture leadership competencies at all levels.
  • To ensure a culture of mutual trust, transparency, integrity, honesty, teamwork and pride in the organization.
  • To be change agents facilitating quality and innovation.
  • To strive constantly for achieving high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • To align business goals with the career aspirations of the people through an objective performance management system.
  • To maintain cordial, harmonious employee relations and foster employee well being.
  • To leverage technology for effective HR service delivery.
  • Compliance with all statutory measures in HR related areas.
  • To be an exemplary socially responsible corporate citizen.


  • We perceive HR as an applied business discipline, strategic in nature
  • We promote a culture of learning , innovation and fast responsiveness in tune with company’s vision
  • We facilitate leadership and change management interventions
  • We periodically rejuvenate the people processes


ECIL values its human resource as its most significant asset. Towards achieving the Corporate‘s Vision, Mission and Objectives the available human capital is always kept on the learning mode by facilitating acquisition and sharing of requisite knowledge and skills. ECIL, since its inception has been catering to the technological needs of India‘s core and critical sectors viz., Defence, Railways, Aviation, Space, Telecommunications, Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation, Banking, Health and Internal Security through design & development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated large and complex electronics components, instruments/equipment, computers and control systems.

ECIL pays maximum attention towards exposure of employees to technology up-gradation programmes along with Functional/Management development programmes based on the felt needs of various Business Verticals/Groups/Divisions. CLDC at ECIL, a nodal agency, is given this responsibility and is fully engaged in organizing need based training programmes with the help of external/internal expert agency/faculty.

Through the mechanism of Divisional/Group Training Coordinators, CLDC is assisted in identifying the training needs, sponsoring suitable employees at all levels of their respective Divisions/Groups for the training programmes and for maintaining necessary records.


The key driver of an Organisation‘s Human Resources is the Performance Appraisal (PA) system. Several objectives are achieved through a well structured PA system. The most important objective of PA system is for development, reward and nurturing potential. A well thought out PA system can help the organisation achieve higher level of performance, motivate people and also help in rewarding them commensurate with their contribution. It also creates a record on each individual depicting their progress in terms of performance and becomes an important tool for counselling the employees. However with the constant changes in the environment in which the Organisations are operating, the PA system should also undergo changes in line with the business requirements and aspirations of the employees. The PA system also has a direct linkage with other HR sub-systems such as Training & Development, Career Growth, Succession Plan, Recruitment Plan and Reward Systems etc.

ECIL has implemented Performance Appraisal System from 2010-11 onwards. The PMS system has been made Online during 2016-17 onwards. The Objectives of the PMS:

  • Focus on the value added contribution made by individual managers
  • Be based on agreement which are developed through consultation between Appraisee and his Appraiser(Reporting Officer).
  • Improve individuals‘ understanding of their work responsibilities, including leadership and management of the performance standards expected of them.
  • Provide opportunities for identifying the developmental needs and establishing career plan of individual managers.
  • Improve communication between managers and their staff.
  • Improve mobility and flexibility in deployment of senior managers.
  • Provide a basis for the award of Performance Related Pay (PRP).

Online Implementation of HR Processes

As the Human Resources of the Organisation, become critical for competitive advantage, a variety of information on the people need to be made available so that effective decisions are taken for their proper placement and optimum utilisation. Towards this end, all the operations of Organization Management and Personnel Administration Modules of HR System have been integrated and aligned with processes of Time Management Module towards effective HR Implementation.

1.1 The Divisional PEs/Time Clerks are allotted systems with necessary software to have access to Online System and User IDs with necessary Roles and Authorizations were created for carrying out the activities related to employees.

1.2 As part of Employee/Manager Self Services implementation, executives were facilitated Online Leave Management Services through Aswini Intranet Portal. Detailed information is available on Aswini Intranet Portal. The above module also provides Executives/Managers to apply/forward/ approve Leaves/Local ODs/Tours excluding leaves that require manual verification by concerned PE/Time Clerk and intermittent permissions. The approved leaves/ODs and leave balances are updated in HR System on real time basis.

1.3 As part of Online Appraisal (APAR) module implementation, Executives & Workmen were facilitated with Online Appraisal Services.

1.4 As part of Online Payroll Module implementation, Executives& Workmen were facilitated with Online Payroll Services.